Hello, I’m Marina, a forty something year old perfumer who, until ten years ago, was terrified of science, because it made me feel inadequate in a world full of what I thought of as ‘clever people’. In my thirties I had a revelation… My own curiosity was pushing me towards discovering the world around me, and slowly, without meaning to, I fell in love with science, and I discovered that it doesn't have to be difficult and boring. The main difference between many of those clever people and me was that they were encouraged to discover the wonders of science as children and young adults by their families and teachers, whilst I had been discouraged from doing so.

Sadly, this is a story many of us know, and one that is still common in today’s society. Things need to change, and AromAtom is here to encourage and support that change, by presenting science in a fun way for children and adults. You are never too old to fall in love with science!

I believe that it is imperative to make science more exciting and accessible for all.  Combining the art of perfumery with science creates a platform to explore STEM subjects in a fun and innovative way, by introducing them through an array of weird and wonderful smells.

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